Get Your Own AI Marketing System That Does All Your Marketing On Autopilot

SEO, Video, Social, Content, Analytics. It's Like Having a Full Agency Firm Working For You

Get A Simple To Use AI That Recruits and Generates Leads For You For Any Business or Offer.

  • Recruiting Done For You

  • Lead Gen Done For You

  • Repetitive Tasks Done For You

  • Youtube Channel and Videos Created For You

  • And so so so much more...

Get ready to have your mind blown...

" my job..."

Use The AI To Grow Your Affiliate Network and Grow your Business

The first 1,000 members can allow the AI to recruit you more subscribers into the Fundwise AI Marketing Program. This generates commissions for you, two levels down. Level 1 is 25% recurring. Level 2 is 10% recurring.

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More Ideas On What The AI Can Do...

  • Personalized Marketing

  • Email Marketing Automation

  • Social Media Management

  • Website Optimization and Creation

  • Online Advertising

  • Customer Feedback Analysis

  • Recruiting For ANY Referral Program (First 1,000)

  • Content Marketing

  • Data Analytics

  • Simple To Run. We'll Provide Suggestions, Training and Prompts For You

  • This AI is Connected To Open AI and Thousands of Other AIs.

Let Our Affiliate Automation Machine Grow You A Network Into the thousands!

Just Feed the Machine - We do the rest...

We've signed up over 10,000 business funding affiliates and referral partners in the last 5 years. We've signed up over 2,000 new affiliates into an exciting new program that pays 7 levels down. We've built six sales funnels that did over a million in sales in the last 6 years.

Now it's your turn to see how exciting it is to have your own affiliate network of people making you money.

When you upload contacts from your own email account or phone or social media contacts, the 'machine' starts marketing to your contacts and growing your affiliate network. Just three free affiliates on average per contact builds you a network of over 2,000 affiliates making you sales.

The AAM, or Affiliate Automation Machine has what's called WORKFLOWS. Each workflow is an intelligent marketing campaign on steroids that will reach out to your contacts to build you a network.

Make sure to watch the video above to see how it works, or you can click the button to sign up and try it out.

Our features

There's a whole suite of marketing features we didn't even mention in the video.


Unlimited Websites

You get a drag and drop website builder hosted by us. Build websites, sales funnels and blogs for your own projects and businesses.


Email Marketing System

Powerful email marketing with lots of features including templates, campaigns, tracking, autoresponder and more.


Text Marketing System

Get your own phone number and set up text marketing campaigns of your own.


360 Degree View

See what's going on with all your leads in the Conversations area and communicate with your leads


Automated Follow-Ups

There's plenty of automation available including AI options to write content and conversational AI as an add-on.


Communication Center

See all your communication in one place. Emails, texts, calls, voicemail, Facebook messages, Google My Business messages can all come in to Conversations.



There's a whole CRM as well to keep you organized as well as analytics and reporting.


Automated Sales Dialer

There's even a power dialer that can dial your leads. Hire a virtual assistant to work the power dialer for you.


Ringless Voicemails

Try out the ringless voicemail feature for an additional way to get your customers / clients' attention in an efficient and impactful way.

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